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Time Speed Distance Rally Roadbooks


Beautiful Accurate TSD Rally Roadbooks

Time Control Worksheets

Excel Worksheet for Timing and Scoring

GPX Route File - Ready to Load in GPS Software

What is a Time Speed Distance Rally?

TSD (Time/Speed/Distance) rallying is a safe, enjoyable but exacting motor sport that fully puts to the test your car’s reliability and responsiveness, a driver’s ability and a navigator’s accuracy in interpreting specific route instructions. A rally is a competition in which cars individually leave a starting point at a carefully recorded time, and are instructed to accurately follow a designated route while maintaining specific various rates of speed along this route.




Learn How to Make Roadbooks Using Rally Navigator - Click HERE!

Create Roadbook from Google Maps or by Importing an GPX File

View Sample Time Speed Distance Roadbook

How to Add Time Speed Distance Functions to a Roadbook

User can show Target Times in any Waypoint by Drag and Dropping TSD TIME Icon into Waypoint.  This can be used to create practice Roadbooks (Example: First Stage of a TSD Rally) or to offer participants a hint of correct time along the way. 

Speed Changes can be added to any Waypoint by Drag and Dropping any Speed Icon into the Waypoint

All Speed Changes and Time Controls appear in the Roadbook at Assigned Waypoints

How To Download Time Speed Distance Files

Ready to Print PDF Rally Roadbooks

Download Sample PDF Roadbook

Time Speed Distance Excel Worksheets

Excel download file is completely editable. You can customize it for your event. 

Automatically Downloads LAT/LON, Segment Distance, Total Distance, Target Speed, Segment Time and Total Time to Waypoint

Download Time Speed Distance Excel Workbook

Start Line and Time Control Worksheet

Download PDF Sample Start Line and Time Control Worksheet

Time Control Workers Manually Record Exact Arrival Time of Cars at Each Time Control

This Data is Entered into Excel Time Control Calculation Worksheet for Score Calculation

Time Control Calculation Worksheet

Enter Stage Name, Roadbook Name, Starting Time and Interval, Car Number, Create Time Variation and Points Scoring

Then, Duplicate this Sheet in Excel for the EACH Time Control

In EACH Excel Sheet, Enter Waypoint # of Time Control, Time Control #, Time of Day at Time Control Arrival

Points are Automatically Calculated


GPX Route File - Ready to Load in GPS Software

Click to Download Sample GPX File

Useful Time Speed Distance Downloads

SCCA Introduction to TSD Rallying

Rebelle Rally - Rebelle Enduro Challenge

Porsche Club of America TSD Info

BMW Club TSD Info


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